Osteopaths are primary care practioner’s (you don’t need a Gp’s referral to see us) who are all degree trained and registered with the U.K General Osteopathic Council.
No university in Scotland offers an Osteopathic Medical course so we all graduate from an English university, the British School of Osteopathy BSO (now the University College of Osteopath’s UCO) being the oldest and largest training course has just celebrated it’s centenary so we are not new in field of health care.
The title ‘Osteopath’ is hard earned and as such is protected in law and regulation similar to the Medical, Dental and Nursing professions.
We work in conjunction with modern medicine to support health as manual therapists (hands on) believing strongly

‘Structure governs Function’

Each part of the body is designed for a specific task, if restricted the body will try to adapt often leading to symptoms and problems.
Bio mechanically we are designed to adapt but can require assistance to be comfortable and work efficiently in daily life.

‘The human body should function as a machine. If mechanically sound, it would work, therefore correcting structural imbalances should restore good health, anatomy first last and always’ Dr. A.T Still. (Who first used the phrase Osteopathy in 1874)

To Enable People

By restoring healthy function.

To achieve their Goals.

Throught the lifespan

Osteopaths do not simply focus on the part that is not working, we look to capitalize on the parts that are working , it’s all about finding health.
Health being the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life and is key to my Osteopathic approach in clinic.